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Hydrus Connect

Secure Online Business Forms​

Hydrus Connect

Secure Online Business Forms​

Decisive Design

With logic based forms your customers aren’t overwhelmed by the number of questions leading to more accurate data.

Creative Content

We work with your team to create high performing forms to elimate wasteful questions and increasing ease of use.

Quality Hosting

Hosted on a private, dedicated server your forms are securely stored with daily backups and unlimited storage.

Innovative Influence

Your forms are hosted on a personalized subdomain to ensure your customers only see your name, logos and phone numbers.

How It Works

Choose a Sub-Domain name

You will reviece a link to your online form(s)

The submissions get emailed directly to your inbox

Select your monthly plan 

You run your business – we grow it

Price Breakdown

Monthly Fee

$100 per form creation up to 3 pages
$50 monthly for secure form hosting up to 10 forms
Easy monthy fee, cancel anytime


$100 add on for advanced forms over 3 pages
$100 monthly for HIPPA compiant form storage
$5 monthly for hosting per form after 10 forms